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Project Rational

The phased abolition of EU milk quotas by April 2015 is now well advanced and is anticipated to result in a significant increase in milk production on Irish dairy farms. The Food Harvest 2020 report has set a target of a 50% increase in milk output by 2020. This increase in milk production will take place on existing family farms plus on new farm conversions from alternative enterprises. Teagasc wants to provide leadership for this expansion by way of demonstration farms in the scenarios where most expansion is likely to happen, i.e. single operator farms increasing cow numbers and conversion of beef farms to new dairy farms.
The stated objective of Teagasc dairy research and development programme is to explore and quantify innovative new biological and financial processes and strategies to service an expanding Irish dairy industry. Carbery Group is a leading producer of food ingredients, flavors, cheeses and alcohol with a processing capacity far in excess of present milk supply. A new Teagasc-Carbery Joint Programme was initiated in early 2011 and will run for a period of five years


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